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About Profile 2SC

Profile 2SC is a tree growth regulator (TGR) used by professional arborists and utility foresters for management of shoot growth and the reduction of biomass when trees are pruned. Profile 2SC may suppress "dbh" growth, or diameter at breast height, which could benefit trees growing in municipal vaults and other confined areas. Profile 2SC also offers potential therapy for trees in mild decline.

The active ingredient in Profile 2SC, paclobutrazol, inhibits the production of gibberellic acid, slowing vegetative growth and allowing the tree to re-allocate resources toward enhancing its roots, defensive, storage and reproductive systems. Profile 2SC can currently be applied by soil injection or basal drench. Under development is a system for tree microinjection, which will also offer an alternative for trees where soil treatment is not practical.

Use of Profile 2SC provides:
  • Reduced vegetative growth for less pruning
  • Root system enhancement in some species
  • Higher root-to-shoot ratio
  • Potential for some disease suppression
  • Potential improved resistance to drought, pollution and temperature extremes

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