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SePRO Corporation is always working to expand its partnership with arborists by developing a wide variety of tools and opportunities to assist you with your goals of increased business and profits. The Arborist Marketing Program will assist in promotions and public relations efforts for a tree growth regulation program featuring Profile 2SC.


With the ever-changing nature of application technology and the continued refinement of Profile 2SC treatment methods and rates, ongoing education is the key to maintaining a high degree of excellence in your tree management practices. Researchers at SePRO are always working to make adjustments to rate and application recommendations based on changing demands. As more and more data is collected, guidelines are enhanced to help you respond to different locations, tree conditions, soil types and geography. That's why SePRO recommends yearly training to keep you and your crew updated.

Through your work with SePRO training professionals, you'll continue to ensure consistent results by staying current on the latest technology changes and species and rate modifications. You'll know that you are using the correct rates because you'll know how to incorporate factors such as crown volume, soil type and how you want the tree to look. Rookie and veteran applicators will benefit from complete application training or refresher courses. Learn how to best incorporate trimming with your tree growth regulation program. And finally, get strategies for introducing Profile 2SC technology to property owners and how to respond to their questions. Contact your SePRO representative to organize your customized training program.
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