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Research conducted by independent parties verifies the efficacy of tree growth regulators like Profile 2SC and provides additional guidance for the best management practices.

Tree Growth Evaluated 10 Years After Application of Paclobutrazol Tree Growth Regulator
Paclobutrazol is shown to significantly decrease the biomass removed from trimmed treated trees, enabling arborists to decrease the costs associated with trimming activity and disposal of waste. The study notes that proper placement of the product during soil application is important for best results. View/Download
Tree Root System Enhancement With Paclobutrazol
The active ingredient in Profile 2SC is effective in stimulating fine root growth in some tree species. Treatment with Profile 2SC may be effective in stabilizing declining trees with insufficient root development. View/Download
Response of Cambial Growth in Red and White Oak Treated with Paclobutrazol
Cambial growth (manifested in the diameter of a tree trunk) as well as annual shoot growth and total tree height are reduced by treatment of trees with Profile 2SC. View/Download
Tree Growth Reduction Following Application of Flurprimidol Tree Growth Regulator
Tree growth regulators can be particularly beneficial to utility arborists for the control of fast-growing trees. Basal drench and solid implant application methods are as effective as contemporary trunk pressure injection methods without the negative side effects. (Note that SePRO is currently developing a new microinjection method incorporating significant improvements in this application method verses previous tree microinjection options.) View/Download
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